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nedelja, 26. februar 2017

       Social media campaigns multiply Visitors

In another study conducted for businesses in Chicago, conducted by Professor Rich Gordon and Social Syndio CEO, Zachary Johnson showed that popular media like Facebook and Twitter pages hectically leading web companies 50% more visitors than they had before!

Nowdays people have no time to visit your businesses as often as you may need to gain loyal custumers. In a few free seconds they may have during the workday, they may know, like and visit you( as a business) online, and also become your loyal customer if you give the right information they are looking for.

Facebook and Instagram have already the greater number of users, active users. You just have to invest in the right management of these social media, and others also, in order to have the results you want from doing business with and for the online community.

It may be easier or more difficult to not have a face –to-face communication but this is becoming now the global way to do business and achieve easier your goals.
Twitter, Linkedin and Google + are also becoming important social platforms on promoting business on milions of people that use them every second. 

torek, 14. februar 2017

        Globally advertisement has passed on Social Networks

Decide how to spend your marketing budget can be difficult. But you know that social media advertising: Google, Twitter or Facebook is also cheaper?

Social media campaigns are less expensive than direct marketing, television advertising. Although you can not spend all your budget marketing campaigns in social media, even a small investment will result in a benefit hectically that never had imagined!

You can increase your audience and your engagement by posting qualitative posts, alternating some kinds of attractive quotes/ text/ videos etc.

Well, maybe you will need a lot of time to test which of them posts are adequate for your business profile and which of them is most liked by the online audience so you can perform better with your social media.

There are more than 50 types of posts than you can post on your social profiles, but not all of them can be posted for any kind of business, so you have to choose the right posts and also very important to choose the right time of posting, regarding to the worldwide known rules of posting on social media.

So, better invest on a professional SMM and than try other types of advertising, people will love you from the beginning of this smart way of marketing management.

sreda, 01. februar 2017

        Facebook Marketing importance

The new trend is becoming part of a broader social network such as Facebook. As an individual, on Facebook, you will be able to stay in touch with your friends at the same time to recognize all companies, their offers, and services continuously published on your timeline.

On the other hand, if you have an online business, you will see how Facebook will help you promote your web site or your business. Marketing on Facebook is currently the most effective tool to promote your business online.

Because more and more members were added to the platform in the world and businesses increasingly they are being incorporated to market their services and products. Facebook definitely the chance for businesses to increase their income is high.

If you've noticed even facebook is an ongoing advertisement campaign to increase enrollment in the platform, it also indirectly affects your business, the more users on Facebook, the more potential customers for you.

According to statistics, people are 3-5 times more likely to buy a product if their friends recommend, like it or distribute it - have a commitment with.

Important as any other form of advertising is accurate targeting. Facebook settings to allow the audience to targetosh minimal details, even using an existing email list for you of existing customers.
Using the proper way of advertising on Facebook will provide steadily clicks, registrations, and sales of products.

If you think your business is not suitable for Facebook - Think twice of what you just read above.

nedelja, 22. januar 2017

Why your business need a Mobile APP

If  you were under the impression that mobile applications are exclusively for the household-name brands with a seemingly endless supply of marketing budget, imagine you may still be living in 2010.

Nowdays more and more, small and medium sized businesses are looking to capitalise on this growing trend by developing a mobile application of their own, but why how could your business really benefit?
Many companies believe a well-designed, responsive website alone is enough to maintain business success. While a website is obviously an essential tool to sell products, services and promote your business online, offering users a mobile app is often a quicker, easier and more novel way for them to shop and interact with your brand.
Customer loyalty is also an essential metric in today’s fast paced digital shopping environment and many large brands dedicate a large number of resources to cultivate and maintain it, for the simple fact that it is cheaper to retain customers than it is to acquire them.

With a mobile application, cultivating customer loyalty has become as easy and efficient as ever by including loyalty scheme features. 

torek, 17. januar 2017


Instagram Advertising helps you to get a targeting audience, just like Facebook. Here are some factors that may help you to make the right advertising for your business on Instagram. 

The first judgment is that those who are young people use Instagram. Until a few years ago said the same thing for Facebook, but look how much is used today regardless of age ... Time has shown that people quickly adapt to new forms of online communication. They are eager to do their part. Instagram is already at the beginning, let's say, time will come that the demographics of it will be comprehensive. It has already begun!

Human nature is formed in such a way that we do not like us or reinforce the decision imposed on us when it comes to drawing handbag or the card to pay.

Treatment should be in a form that your own followers feel they have to act on the information you have scattered.

Button Invitation-to-action or recognized as a "call to action", invites your audience to go to the subsequent step in the matrix. Instagram advertising in lock step to facilitate the categories that you choose that moment to create advertising. Is very important also to be autentic. To be specific, real and unique it is important not only to identify you and branding you your (or the company you are promoting), but also because of advertising platforms like this.

But absolutely need to keep an eye on your competitors' profiles. What they do, what they përorin messages and photos. Eg If you see a picture of the set is attracting the attention of followers organically (without the advertisement or promotion), you definitely a picture as she should include in your advertising since the audience you intend going to like it and will follow your path.

Always think about the final goal of your business may require a longer route but also safer since passed all "bridges" that you put between.

nedelja, 08. januar 2017

  Online business marekting  

Email Marketing:

So now time to talk about email marketing because it is very important technique to promote your business. Remember when you have your customers email address so don’t waste it try to send daily or weekly mail with new and attractive discount offers to attract your customers and also try to get your customers phone numbers and age because age is very important when someone buy something from your online store so should make a database and get all his or her information with age you will then send them new offers according to age and genders through email or SMS.
Try to design an attractive email template with your business logo then send emails daily or weekly and also offer some discount offers to your customers. Today every big and small business is using email marketing technique because experts said that this is best technique to directly offer something to your customers.

Conduct Webinars:

Today every big and small business is conducting webinars monthly or weekly let me first tell you what is webinars it is basically an online call attended by many people one is admin and other people are guests and listening to admin. Admin share presentation slides, videos and his personal experience guests ask questions and admin answer it. Now a days it is a great strategy to help your customers and to promote your business if you want to conduct your own webinar then you can easily do it it is free there are many websites available they are providing free and paid both webinars facilities I am writing one website you should also search on Google to find more and remember one thing don’t forget to invite people as much as you can in your webinar through email marketing and social media marketing.

Make sure your Blog Contents are optimized for seo.

Let me tell you first what is seo (search engine optimization) Seo is use to optimize the ranking of your website in search engine like Google. There are two types of seo 1: Internal seo and 2: External seo

Internal Seo:

Internal seo refer to the technique which we use in our blog you don’t have to be an expert in seo to apply seo it is not too difficult to apply internal seo on your blog.
To apply internal seo you should use good Title tags, Urls, Heading tags (h2, h1, etc), Alt image tags and contents with bold, italic and underline words.

External Seo

External seo refer to promote your website ranking externally it will take too much time and efforts it includes creating backlinks, Guest Posts on other blogs and forums and share your blog link on social media.

Now I would like to discuss some paid strategies which will take less time than free strategies for online business marketing.

Pay – Per – Click – Marketing :

Pay per click marketing is like promoting your business using search engine advertising to generate clicks on your ads when you search something on google you will see some Sponsored ads at the top of search result page marked with a yellow Label so that is a pay per click advertisement. Google adwords is a biggest pay per click advertisements provider I will discuss in detail about Google adwords  it is basically that when a visitor clicked on your ad your website will open and you will pay Google adwords a small fee so that is why it is known as pay per click 

Many researchers said searchers click on paid search ads more often as compare to other digital advertising it is proof that searchers don’t mind for paid ads because those ads are similar to their search result google has written an Excellent algorithm for ensuring that PPC ads meet the user needs.
It is very good for advertisers who want to put their contents in front of those audience who are actively looking for similar information.
It is the work of search engine because PPC enable search engine to facilitate searcher and advertisers simultaneously. 

Google Adword For pay per click Marketing:

Google adwords is the most famous pay per click platform in which users bid on keywords and pay for each click on their advertisement it is basically working like each time when search is initiated google digs in the pool of adwords advertisers and choose the winner whose ads will display on that search so the selection criteria of winner are based on a combination of factors like the quality and relevance of their keywords and ad text as well as the size of their keyword bids.

So it is very good way for advertiser who want to show your ads to right audience who are searching for the similar information so if you are using adwords to promote your business it means you are doing a smart way to promote your business faster. Today many big and small businesses who want to grow faster they are using google adwords service to grow faster. 

petek, 06. januar 2017

             Online Business Marketing         


Google and other search engine rank website according to backlinks if your website backlinks are huge then google will show your website on its first page so it will help your business website to get billions of daily visitors to create your backlinks there are many ways I am going to show you few best ways first is find some free backlinks generating websites and submit your business website link with description about your business on those sites I am listing few free backlinks generating sites below.


Create your own blog and share the useful information about your products to attract your audience and also write guest comments on a famous blogs with your website and blog links and try to answer as much as you can in your blog and other business blogs as well.

To write guest comments with your website/ Blog link is a best way to create strong backlinks for your blog and it is proof my many experts it help your business website to show on google first page very early.


Vlogging is another attractive way to market your products your business online which is absolutely free. First let me tell you what is vlogging. Vlogging is basically refer to create and upload your own videos and post them on your blog. In Vlogging a vlogger ( a person)  create videos and upload them on youtube and other video playing websites like dailymotion etc and share those videos in his blog and on social medias to get more audience easily.

It is a very attractive way and it also help to get some revenue from your videos like youtube is the biggest video playing platform and it offer monetization for your videos like if your videos is monetize by youtube and you have google adsense account then you will get pay when someone view your video and see ads on your video then youtube will pay you good amount as case is for other video playing websites like dailymotion but they are not paying good amount only youtube is paying  good amount.