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nedelja, 22. januar 2017

Why your business need a Mobile APP

If  you were under the impression that mobile applications are exclusively for the household-name brands with a seemingly endless supply of marketing budget, imagine you may still be living in 2010.

Nowdays more and more, small and medium sized businesses are looking to capitalise on this growing trend by developing a mobile application of their own, but why how could your business really benefit?
Many companies believe a well-designed, responsive website alone is enough to maintain business success. While a website is obviously an essential tool to sell products, services and promote your business online, offering users a mobile app is often a quicker, easier and more novel way for them to shop and interact with your brand.
Customer loyalty is also an essential metric in today’s fast paced digital shopping environment and many large brands dedicate a large number of resources to cultivate and maintain it, for the simple fact that it is cheaper to retain customers than it is to acquire them.

With a mobile application, cultivating customer loyalty has become as easy and efficient as ever by including loyalty scheme features. 

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