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petek, 06. januar 2017

             Online Business Marketing         


Google and other search engine rank website according to backlinks if your website backlinks are huge then google will show your website on its first page so it will help your business website to get billions of daily visitors to create your backlinks there are many ways I am going to show you few best ways first is find some free backlinks generating websites and submit your business website link with description about your business on those sites I am listing few free backlinks generating sites below.


Create your own blog and share the useful information about your products to attract your audience and also write guest comments on a famous blogs with your website and blog links and try to answer as much as you can in your blog and other business blogs as well.

To write guest comments with your website/ Blog link is a best way to create strong backlinks for your blog and it is proof my many experts it help your business website to show on google first page very early.


Vlogging is another attractive way to market your products your business online which is absolutely free. First let me tell you what is vlogging. Vlogging is basically refer to create and upload your own videos and post them on your blog. In Vlogging a vlogger ( a person)  create videos and upload them on youtube and other video playing websites like dailymotion etc and share those videos in his blog and on social medias to get more audience easily.

It is a very attractive way and it also help to get some revenue from your videos like youtube is the biggest video playing platform and it offer monetization for your videos like if your videos is monetize by youtube and you have google adsense account then you will get pay when someone view your video and see ads on your video then youtube will pay you good amount as case is for other video playing websites like dailymotion but they are not paying good amount only youtube is paying  good amount.

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