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nedelja, 02. oktober 2016

5 CRITICAL steps  help you start a blog and make money online.

Step #1. Create Your New Blog
The first thing you need to do is find a home for your new blog. This is where your blog will live. It’s where you’ll write, publish, and manage your blog posts (or articles). It’s where you’ll decorate and personalize your blog.Don’t make the critical mistake of confusing an old-school web host for a blog host. If you get a web host, that’s like buying the shell of a house – you’re going to have to build all the walls and install the plumbing yourself!
Step #2: Get The Help And Support
The biggest mistake that new bloggers make is trying to start a blog all alone with no support.Don’t’ make this mistake.
Get help with…
  • Setting up your blog
  • Customizing your theme
  • Putting ads on your blog
  • General blogging questions
  • Keywords, SEO, and other confusing blogging terms
  • Whatever you need help with, just ask
Step #3: Get Ready… Get Set… Start Blogging…
OK – Let’s get started! Here are some key things you’ll want to do to make sure you start your blog the right way
  1. Keyword Research – Determining If Your Topic Is A Good One
  2. Changing Your Blog’s Theme
  3. Add Categories To Your Blog
  4. Setting Up Menus And Navigation
  5. Adding Widgets To Your Sidebar
  6. Start Blogging…
  7. Add Images To Your Posts
Step #4: Marketing Your Blog
This section is all about marketing your blog and getting yourself out there.
You know  the basics of internet marketing, including In Content SEO, Social Media, and Email Marketing .So ,following are the online marketing tools:
2-Email marketing
3-Socail networking
Step #5: Making Money With Your Blog
Your blog does not have to be an expense. It can make some money – even replace your day job. 
You can make money by blogger via different ways like 
1-Pay Per Click (PPC)
2-Banner and Text Ads
3-Paid Product Reviews
4-Amazon Affiliate Program
5-Sell Stuff (Yours or Other People’s Stuff

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